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When we travel, we want to learn as much as possible about the places we visit, get the most authentic experience possible and see everything there is to see. To do this, we visit the country’s/city’s local museums and attractions. Sometimes, we might even get the chance to attend unique exhibitions whose content has never before been displayed at the local museum. The main priority for visitors at a museum is to understand what it is they see in display, otherwise their experience remains incomplete. This can be an issue if texts and descriptions are not translated into their mother tongue or another common language. To prevent this from happening and make sure visitors enjoy a full experience, you should prioritise the translation of your texts. English is often the best option for this, but it is also advisable to offer additional languages, especially in museums likely to draw a large international crowd or places close to the border. Our multilingual team not only has the skills to translate texts in terms of content and style, but also brings specific knowledge to tackle any text’s particularities.

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