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We find unique and creative solutions tailored to your area of expertise: automotive, industry, transport & logistics, mechanical engineering, finance, insurance, IT, education, marketing & advertising, fashion & textil, health & medicine or tourism & travel.

Health & medicine

In medicine, patient health and welfare are the absolute top priorities. This is no different at VocaZone: precision and freedom from errors are our top priorities. Particularly within the healthcare sector, misunderstandings or inaccuracies can quickly lead to misinterpretations, which can potentially cause errors and endanger patients’ health. Our language specialists have the medical knowledge to translate, for example, operating instructions, research reports, package inserts, clinical findings or laboratory reports correctly and in a professional manner. This applies not only to medicine, but also to veterinary science, food research, pharmaceuticals and bioinformatics. When required, we can carry out sector-specific specialisations as well. Here at VocaZone we guarantee a correct translation of your texts: without risks or side effects.

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