Certified translations can also be issued with an apostille. An apostille simplifies legal transactions between the Hague Convention member states. 91 countries are currently members of this convention, for example Switzerland, Germany, the US, South Africa, Mexico and Australia. 
Certified translation
A certified translation is one which requires a special authentication to be legally binding before a court or official institutions/authorities. A certified translation confirms that a document was translated in full and correctly.
Editing takes a closer look at a text’s logic and coherence as well as style and content. For this, the language expert checks whether the text is logical and comprehensible, whether it follows a consistent style and whether it appeals to the reader. The focus here is on the target group, type of text and distribution channel.
ISO 17100 standard
The ISO 17100 standard sets globally applicable requirements for translation service providers. If they are met and a translation agency is certified with this standard, it means that high-quality translation services are provided by this translation agency. The ISO 17100 standard also guarantees high quality translations based on transparent standards.
Native language and native speaker
Native speakers are people who speak one or more languages which they have not learned but have grown up with. A native language is the first language learned and the one primarily used. 
Original document
The source document to be translated is the original document. This document is to be translated into another language. 
Proofreading ensures that a text’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct.
Source language
The language of the source text is the source language.
Source text
The original document to be translated is the source document.
Specialised translations
Specialised translations are translations in specific subject areas. Since such texts deal with content specific to industry sectors, the correct use of terminology and specialised language is particularly important.
Specialised translators
Specialised translators are translators specialised in specific subject areas. They know the terminology for content specific to the industry sector. 
Target format
The target format is the format which the final translated text is delivered in. This can be a Word document, for example. 
Target language
The target language is the language which a text is to be translated into. For example, if a certificate is to be translated from German into French, French is the target language. 
Word count
The word count is the number of words in a document. This word count is one of the four factors for calculating the price.  

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