Translation services

Specialised translations

Our platform connects you with our highly qualified native-speaker translators from a rigorously selected network of experts. This way we can find an industry expert for even the most challenging translation.

As a Swiss company, we view quality, originality and data privacy as paramount. We offer services for all sort of quality levels, from simple documents to specialist translations. At all levels, our certified translators work according to the 4-eyes principle to ensure the accuracy and intent of your texts as well as their message.

In addition to quality and originality, our working method is supported by the most innovative technology as well as creative solutions, which enable us to handle processes even faster and more transparently.

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Certified translations

A certified translation is one which requires a special authentication to be legally binding before a court or official institutions/authorities. This certification guarantees that the document was translated completely and accurately. To certify a document, first it must be reviewed to check the document’s authenticity, and only then will the certified translation be issued with a stamp and signature. This way, the document obtains legal validity.

Our expert network of specialist translators will support you if you want to be on the safe side from a legal standpoint. Hastily drawn up documents not meeting the necessary requirements should not be presented under any circumstances, even though they might be cheaper. To avoid problems in the long run, we will be happy to advise you.

When do you need certified translations?

In the business world, certified translations make sense when it comes to contracts and minutes of meetings or negotiations between important partners. Translations of trade register entries, annual financial statements and court decisions should also be certified. As for private and personal matters, certified translations are recommended for official documents, diplomas and certificates of all kinds, and even bank statements, passports or balance sheets.

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Proofreading & editing

Do you have a big company presentation? Are you going to publish a document with a big target audience? We can add the finishing touches to your texts so that they meet the highest standards, not only with format but also in terms of content. We can also review the text to make sure that grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct.

Proofreading, on the other hand, involves a more in-depth analysis, in which we look at coherence, style and content. Is the text logical and comprehensible? Is the text written in a consistent style and does it appeal to the reader? All this is checked in consideration of the the target group as well as the text type and the distribution channel.

When necessary, you will receive appropriate suggestions for changes to optimise the style or content from our native-language editors with special qualifications in your industry. In summary: we want to make sure that your text reaches your readers in the best possible way according to your specifications.

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