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Translations in the entertainment industry tend to be creative translations that require a great deal of linguistic flair and expertise. Films, series, media content, news, games and other entertainment content are increasingly being demanded in different languages. Consumers and customers want to be entertained in their own language and quickly switch off if what is said and written does not sound credible. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for companies in the entertainment industry. Consumers need to be reached in different languages – which means that a much larger audience can be addressed. If a film is translated well, this means opportunities for the producer. Hence, good translations are of huge importance in the entertainment industry.

VocaZone’s native-speaker translators have a passion for creative translation work and the entertainment industry. We specialise in translations for YouTube and streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Netflix. In addition to translating subtitles, we are experts in voice-overs and dubbing. Let us convince you of our unique quality.

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