The significant role of translations in the entertainment industry

Translations in the entertainment industry tend to be creative translations that require a great deal of linguistic sensitivity and expertise. Movies, series, media content, news, games, and other entertainment content are increasingly being demanded in multiple languages. Consumers and customers want to be entertained in their language and quickly lose interest if the spoken and written content does not sound credible. Thanks to translations, fans around the globe can enjoy content and plots, dialogues, and characters in their native language. Therefore, entertainment content needs to be translated professionally to reach a bigger audience.

However, this presents both a challenge as well as an opportunity for companies in the entertainment industry. If a movie or a series was translated well, it most likely presents advantages for the producer. Furthermore, a high-quality translation can also help to preserve the cultural relevance and meaning of the storyline while overcoming language barriers. This is especially true for entertainment content that is strongly influenced by regional and cultural characteristics. For this reason, among others, good translations are of great importance in the entertainment industry.

VocaZone’s native translators have a passion for creative translations and for the entertainment industry. We specialise in translations for YouTube and streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Netflix. In addition to translating subtitles, we are experts in voiceovers and dubbing. We are looking forward to convincing you of our unique quality and service.


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Challenges with translations in the entertainment industry

Well-translated entertainment content should display the same feeling and mood as the original version to enable fans to have a similar experience. However, some elements can be difficult to translate, such as puns, jokes or cultural references that only exist and work well in the native language of the author or director.

In such cases, the translator’s important task is to find a creative solution to retain the original meaning of the content as much as possible. At times, translators have to invent new concepts and expressions creatively to keep the humour and entertainment value of the original. In addition, translators have to consider the tone and communication style of the original version to ensure that the translated content has the same impact on the target audience. This requires a lot of time and an excellent understanding of the culture and language of the target audience’s culture and language.

Furthermore, translations have a significant influence on the success of entertainment content, such as movies and series, on an international level. A poor translation may lead to fans not understanding or misinterpreting the content, which may in turn negatively impact the audience. On the other hand, a high-quality translation can enhance its reputation and attract a larger fan base.

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VocaZone works to the highest quality standards in accordance with ISO standard 17100 and with native-speaker translators. We always adhere to the highest quality standards and work according to the 4-eyes principle at all stages.


Value for money

Through our efficient translation processes, we offer affordable prices combined with high translation quality and optimised deadlines.


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We offer our customers fast and reliable service because your satisfaction is our top priority. You will receive a quote from us within 24 hours with the guaranteed best offer for your language project. Your personal contact person supports you through each project.


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VocaZone is an original Swiss translation agency. Among other things, we specialise in the distinctive features of the Swiss national languages and dialects. We work with Swiss translators, among others, who know the different dialects, Helvetisms and differences in vocabulary and grammar.

Frequently asked questions about translations in the entertainment industry

What costs should I expect for a translation from VocaZone?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in a general way, as the price calculation depends on various individual factors. However, the price is calculated from the following factors: the number of words, language combination and deadline.

How is a translation’s deadline calculated?

Similar to the price calculation, several factors are included when determining the deadline. For this, we check the number of words and language combination as well as the translation service. Please feel free to ask us for a quote, in which we guarantee to inform you of the deadline.

In which format should the pages be sent?

There are various ways in which you can hand over the pages to us for translation. The easiest way is to send the texts in a Word or Excel document to us via email, to If you have questions about this, please contact our customer support.

Is a terminology list needed for a translation in the entertainment industry?

You are welcome to send us a terminology list if you have one. This is helpful because we can use the terminology list to adhere to the author’s communication style. We can also save this for future translation jobs.

What are the steps for a translation in the entertainment industry?

Step 1: You send us your pages by email or using the contact form. At this point, you can notify us about any specific wishes or information that we should take into account for the translation. For example, you can inform us about a particular tone or terminology that should be taken into account.

Step 2: In this step, we check your texts to find the right translator for your translation. We select the appropriate expert based on their native language and expertise. These native-speaker translators have a strong connection with the target language and cultural context and can therefore successfully address your target audience. Thanks to our large network of over 250 translators, we can find the right language expert for your project.

Step 3: In this step, we will send you a suitable price quote for the translation. With this quote, you will receive information about the price and deadline for the translation.

Step 4: Once we receive brief written confirmation, we begin with the translation. We ensure that your requirements are met and that previously expressed wishes are considered.

Step 5: Since we work according to the 4-eyes principle, a suitable proofreader checks the finished texts after translation. As soon as the review is finished, we will send you the completed job by email. If you would like us to make further adjustments, we will be happy to do so.


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